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Prolonged is the anxiety of my heart

Since, most makes me longing for the place is Suzhou City Jiangnan, Jiangnan beauty of Suzhou, is a kind of artistic conception, is a kind of unconventional beauty, this beauty, Dermes HKis to say very much. Suzhou Jiangnan like a real landscape painting. Here, ancient garden bridges, style and elegance. In which, a faint but the enchanted feeling: all simple and elegant fresh, full of pleasant floral nose, with tranquil and peaceful, full ear whisper......

Suzhou is divided into the old Suzhou and Suzhou, Suzhou is a new modern architecture, modern atmosphere, the old Suzhou is different, still retain the original ancient architecture, simple folk, living in the old Suzhou City People's life stability and harmony, along the way to see a lot of people leisurely sitting on bamboo and rattan chair semicircular drinking green tea look at the newspaper, mentality easy family women in the arched bridge, while washing, Dermes價錢with their soft words said in life, what one sees and hears, laughing loud, very lively, naughty and lovely children holding balloons at sunrise happy chatter ran to the other side of the bridge the laughter of children, as this flower deciduous leaf roll comfortable city adds a touch of color, a peaceful and calm scene. Narrow streets, winding road has been extended into, "how deep is the courtyard", always make me feel a faint distant mysterious atmosphere in the inside flow. Hone, quartzite at the foot of the vicissitudes of history becomes lubrication, Qingyue, misty rain, holding an oil paper umbrella quiet curl walking in the stone street, lets the human aftertaste, aftertaste......

If Suzhou is to have life, and that is the smart water; if the Jiangnan Suzhou is the soul, the bridge is her soul, various shapes of Arch Bridge Road visible, sit in the boat, listen to Suzhou Pingtan Jiangsu minor, Best Hair Removal Centreenjoying the full load of tourist boat, the shuttle in the river in the bank, with green, the interpretation of "shallow lake shimmering cloud shadow, water Jiang Cun" poetry in the Suzhou River Bridge, the bridge layout Bureau strange, king, what impressed me most is the small bridge the terrain constraints, built by water, and inventive as transverse stretching, southern Suzhou bridge, seems bones on the inheritance of a culture, a kind of spirit, and there's a aura.  

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