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Beijing Institute of Technology party secretary

  Today, the Eleventh Beijing youth social science theoretical talent "100 people project" scholar forum was successfully held in Beijing Institute of Technology. The theme of this forum is "embracing the new era and heading for a new journey -- Xi Jinping's research on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era", focusing on studying and implementing the nineteen spirits of the party, and vigorously promoting research and interpretation of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics. More than 100 people from the social science department of the Capital University and the propaganda minister participated in the discussion and exchangeMultidrug resistant Pseudomonas High-dose colistin monotherapy was more effective than the normal regimen against all P. aeruginosa isolates.

   Zhao Changlu speech said that the university is an important position to carry out the new era of socialism Chinese Xi Jinping thought learning, research, communication, to adhere to the correct political direction, firm confidence in the theory, to the core mission and universities combined with the theory of communication in eye. Beijing Institute of Technology uphold this distinctive cultural background and the pursuit of the common value of Yanan roots, military spirit, in recent years the school focus on building a big ideological and political pattern, attaches great importance to the Marx doctrine and the subject construction of Ideological and political education. Focus on the realization of Ideological and political education and students' Ideological and political work through in the construction, and through social practice, and through the military history, history, education, and work through the student party buildingReckoned as one of the top design universities with diversity of programmes, polyu design, fashion and textiles programmes, as well as applied science programme, which is committed to be a hub for innovative design education in Hong Kong.

  In a keynote speech, Professor Sun Daiyao Marx Institute of Peking University made entitled "China program logic" speech, he believes that Chinese scheme is since the reform and opening up the organic unity Road, Chinese socialism theory, system and culture, for human beings to make greater contributions to the pursuit of the Communist Party is a historical mission China. China's plan has universal significance. It makes the scientific socialism and the world socialist movement strong vitality and vitality, expands the path of modernization, challenges the existing development models and theories of the west, and surpasses the underdeveloped political economics.

  Professor Zou Guangwen of the Marx School of Tsinghua University made a speech on the topic "the three connotation of cultural confidence". Zou Guangwen emphasized that cultural self-confidence is a firm confidence of a nation, a country and a political party to fully affirm and practice their own cultural values and hold the vitality of their cultureThey can be easily carried and comes in a variety of sizes being supremely portable. If you think where to get reliable adapters, then reputed gift company like Asia Premium Solutions might be the one place to look for.


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