Time not language, shallow reading.

Every time listening to the brother of forever, in addition to think of junior high school through the four brothers of water and go far, in addition to think of a few high met, just thinking of you.
In a hurry, I met you and have more than five years, from the original little, share the joys and sorrows to the geographic separation of now, the end of the world. Seems to me, you already have each other's shadow, often recall the past dribs and drabs, most can't forget the days together.
High branch, have the honor to enter the major work class, had the privilege of getting to know you. Since then, was like peas and carrots. You can always accurately guess my thoughts, lost the direction for me, to soothe my heart hurt when sad, happy to share my glory.
Along the way with you forever, never forget those days with English bitter; Never forget the days with mathematics into; Forget you I drank fan tincture wasted, laugh at each other's situation; Forget, every time the unreasonable, temper with you, you can keep my ignorance, forgive my madness, every time, are you down face, says that a sentence sorry first. But so far, I didn't have known one wrong to you, once apology.
Three last days, like the night lessons, or because no matter how late I come out of the classroom time, you will be in a fixed place waiting for me, wait for me all the way. Never forget the day of the overhead lights back to the dormitory, we move always provoked behind girls ha ha laugh, a lot of such a scene, not my together that you had an affair with a girl, is you toward a bike girl shouted, said I like her...
The university entrance exam came, on June 6, each looked at the examination room, after coming out, are you still waiting for me. A smile at one another, each to encourage each other's mind is aware, too. That year, simple English, math is difficult, but for you and me, this is a disaster, 8, in the afternoon, when the heavily guarded the examination room, you can not always comfort me, although I know you worry, also need a words of grief.
We think about college life, talked about the direction of the volunteer. I look forward to the distance, you stick to the nearby. You have always been a family man, but I do whatever for, a thought fled to the unfamiliar environment.
In life, there is no absolute!
Then later, you go to the distance, I stay in close up!
College life began. My school earlier than you, I was at the training ground instructor whole exhausted, but watched your heart on a southbound train. And you just settled complete, calls, the shining sweet words, let me tired body suddenly joy.
Up to now, I still can not hide anything you that four pairs of eyes, you are always right, will also be in an orderly way, in the outlet for me. For the past five years, each birthday, I wish you will be sent information. Every holiday, I will go to call interfering in our way, and after, the in the mind is steadfast, festival atmosphere more flavor.
Write down some words, leave a little nostalgic, the river of memories, not the past HongMeng.
The peach blossom pool, and let me be a leaf boat, forever in the inexhaustible roam wild in the river of life, you want to play a mountain stream, drink du kang, unique strings for you.
Time not language, shallow reading.

Some predestination, over the mountains, just to meet each other.
Seems to be your smile, close the distance of us.
First, you are wearing a brand new school, check to our class self-study, showing the southern girl lovely delicate shape the unique charm and temperament. Also is the night, don't know where to courage, unexpectedly bold double check your work card your name.
Meet you later, I also started to optimism, began when chatting with "hey hey" own happy. Always grateful that meet, always on Christmas Eve when I was just know, you move regardless of the vehicle, run to the other side to give me the peace of a carefully packing fruit, work-day when, I's life.
Each winter vacation, is also the time that I am most worried about, because your ticket home at 2:00. Cool night, the crowded station, and you will look forward to, happy on the train home. Every time I want to send to send you, you also be frightened by this trouble, I always understand on the grounds that the oneself can politely declined. New Year's eve, the Spring Festival, the information you will be duly sent blessing, a sense of mission. The festival atmosphere, also will be more and more strong.
Don't know how to call you right all the time, always in front of your name with a "small" word, but still feel bad, until recently, thought of the "girl" two words, these two words, I think only has the family member. Is not same, can be known, there is always a kind of predestination, I lead you to a family.
Every winter, want to give you show off the north of snow, but don't control the weather is always on your way home after a magnificently flutter of snow, and also is in the winter, we can worry about the south's sister can not adapt to the cold weather.
There is a love, is not about distance, is not about surname, regardless of gender, as long as freemasonry is enough. The summer vacation, I most helpless time, is also you, thousands of miles away, pacify brother pain of the mind. With your strong infection, I do my backing, everything, I can only say thank you. You said you have a song called "like a summer, a like autumn" can you express my feelings. Yes, you are always my loyal listener, but I haven't back you get out of a dream of exercise.
Later, you met your partner, I think, would you like some people to abandon all immersed in the sweet love, but you don't, you said that love is just a part of your life, the family is the pursuit of your life. In fact you have trouble, you also have sad, I can do, just when you need me, I don't mean some things empathy, that's all.
You like early spring flowering magnolia, a leaf of white, just like your pure heart, don't make all the world in a grain of dust.
Vote for me to papaya, with QiongJu. Bandit at also, always thought that good also.
Vote for me to peach, with qiong precious jade. Bandit at also, always thought that good also.
Vote for me with wood lee, with Joan nine. Bandit at also, always thought that good also.
This is the information you recently sent in admire you wise at the same time, also thank you secretly meet unexpected, which fills the world is only I pay too little, can't reach the height of its jewels.
The most beautiful is not only the sunset and sunrise. See suddenly Ming vomiting associated, cloud cangmang hang yu hong. Let the meet, like mount taishan sunrise, issued a dazzling light, shine on you my life intravenous drip; Also let the sea cross-flow, hoist, egrets, and the rising that row of title in moon palace for you guizhi, fragrance of your dream.
Time not language, shallow reading.

Contact with words, so long confined to their abilities, also wrote a antique novella, finish in each chapter to be continued in the process, you always quietly encouraged me as a stranger, until the updated immediately, I just know you the exact name.
Always remember that night lessons, I sat on the conception of plot, the back of the classroom in the front row and classmates you serious review, you also knew it was me, not always turn to me, but I'm shy, delays the character, but always didn't give you send a friendly response.
Seems to have met your sister is very cute, but with a pair of glasses is always uneasy, and shawls long hair, now is you the most beautiful image.
"Pocahontas" in the starring as a Wolf woman, because you live in small oasis in pastoral areas, I have called you sheep female, is also for this reason that your good character like a sheep? Kindness to you like a person can silently blessing for him, can be happy for him, for he is happy or sad?
The somebody else all call you treasure elder brother, I was the only added a "brother", may be the reason for love a dream of red mansions, maybe it's my preference for attacks, I sometimes imagine themselves as attacks, and make you treasure jade, because only attacks, in life, always obey the treasure jade, pity the treasure jade. Maybe it was all too cute.
Peers, you are better than they mature, thoughtful, insightful. Can plan for the future, will be calculated. Said these words, is not derogatory, but heartfelt lament sensible you are clever.
Like you two laughter, not just because of the sincerity, more because you can share happiness and transmit to others. You are like a grain of lavender, always spares no expense when their own scent in the wind to others.
Sometimes, a sigh of relief after watching you all the space dynamic, jump to fathom your recent mood and state, perhaps, love is luxury, for you and me but rainy day can also nourish the growth of all things, the sun will not be late from morning till night.
The world meet, is looking back at past lives saved from fortunately, in this life, I can meet a hibiscus flower, the issue of single and double colors, namely decorate others scenery, also decorated the dream of others. Hibiscus never choosy about the environment, as long as there is water and soil, she will take root.
For the first time I heard you life on the edge of the desert, was curious about the bad environment can grow so a delicate flower, no demon rao, succinct, blooming quietly, to the most beautiful posture, to depict the life the most splendid picture.
Fly light like a dream, the years in coloured glaze, rolling the world of mortals, will not bury you my frail youth, don't see you I swallowed by the abyss; At that time, the bright moon, let warm east wind to let west wind no more hate, blow your eyebrow bend; Clouds fly to mountains to decorate your dream.
Time not language, shallow reading.