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To the memory of my childhood, I have repeatedly made a special trip to see chrysanthemum exhibition. Bathed in bright sunshine, rippling in the chrysanthemu
m in the sea, and it face to face, like a long lost friend speak with fervour and assurance of. Standing on the type, leaned over and smell their fragrance, I love the chrysanthemum feeling. See the right, can stop and stare -; or put the nose directly attached to the face, smell the scent; see how the petals piled layer upon layer, all embracing. If still not satisfied, you can end up directly to the camera NuHart顯赫, her home, savor his experience. Chrysanthemum see more, also accumulated some of its culture, know some people give it a thought. Such as: people like the chrysanthemum, not because it is meaningful and colorful, but because of its simple but elegant and faithful; people love it and love it more charm, wind does not fall a proud; the ancients to Kikuna Shi, to Gao Jie; national gave it the spirit NuHart顯赫植髮, is a strong symbol. This Convention for thousands of years of culture, embodies a concentrated reflection of the people for the chrysanthemum preferences.

With his family, about friends, carrying a camera, a loss in the chrysanthemum leaves 在NuHart顯赫植髮, feeling is really very romantic. Stop and go recording family smile; pointing between took chrysanthemum thousand wonderfuhundredcondition. This is how comfortable, how feel fresh. Holding the camera, see is the chrysanthemum, swimming is the mood. Flowers in your camera, sometimes larger and smaller. To capture the beautiful moments, you may have to bend the body, with its brow shoulder address each other as brothers; for magnificent; ornate; fascinating background, you may keep changing the point of view, he whirled around; when there is wind, you looked good luck NuHart顯赫植髮, so it no longer look pleased with oneself, you can press the shutter to obtain accurate shadows. Beat three two Zhang Chenggong chrysanthemum photo, heart suddenly filled with the joy of success. But if not carefully, a favorite chrysanthemum by their own "bad beat", there is no beauty, at that moment, a sense of guilt. Hurried back, again and again NuHart顯赫植髮, to the right of it a while kuangpai, until satisfied.  

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to enjoy the chrysanthemum

In October, the most beautiful season in a year. Blue sky, clouds, golden fruit, bright red, and that more colorful chrysanthemums, the world dressed up colorful.

I like chrysanthemum, because of its colorful, fragrant smell. Late autumn season, many beautiful flowers have withered; many green leaves have withered and yellow. And tears are amazing perseverance, blooming flowers from green leaves. At the end of ten, the weather gradually cool, chrysanthemums are in full bloom. Look at that white chrysanthemum, as big as a fist, like balls, stand proudly. The big cup waving in the golden; red as red as fire Guangzhou Xia; gold back red showily, showing its graceful and noble; white Litou green water green, like jogtrot blue fairy. Clan, come down in one continuous line of chrysanthemum, but bloom so different forms, variously colored flowers, is really amazing.

The earliest memories of chrysanthemum is a child, remember that just school. Sister took four or five small partners, to her yard to see the chrysanthemum. A single flower is yellow, in a broken side of the pottery pot. A small cluster cluster supports, placed in the front of the incense table, evil spirit it is good-looking. Friends all sorts of gossip, is generally praised sister chrysanthemum. He is also the envy, always thinking about their own home is a basin that chrysanthemum how good. However, her mother was busy with work at home all day, and moved his family to the town that year, nor in the childhood yard for a pot of chrysanthemum.  

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